Festivals to bring positivity in the real estate market through Offers and Discounts

On the auspicious festivals season, every brand is busy to grab the attention of the buyers. October is a month which is full of celebrations, happiness and laughter where one can catch up with friends and family through festivals. For every festival, people buy new clothes, jewelry, property and much more and in Today’s time, nothing is better than shopping online. All the brands are providing some catchy offers for the buyers for grabbing their attention.


There are numerous offers which are kicking off such as free maintenance cost, Rs. 500 per sq. ft.,discount up to 5 lakh, free iPhones to gold coin, 1 crore cash, no EMI till possession, inaugural discount, book your property @25k rest on possession, along with many other offers; the developer has numerous offers to attract prospective buyers to increase sales.

There are numerous developers and real estate websites in India those are planning to provide the best deal on this festive season i.e. October-December. It can be said that these deals are the best as they offer a good discount, affordable cost on residential and commercial properties. According to developers, it is expected that during festive season the sales would increase as much as 25-30% till a few years back. Since the real estate sector is declining in India, there is a huge pile of inventories across major cities.

Developers of the realty market have been more focused on current projects rather than future and they are competing with other developers for offering additional discount and offers. E-commerce website like Snapdeal who ran the Unbox Diwali Sale between 2 October to 6 October for properties which are in the range of Rs. 30Lakh-Rs. 5Crore. Another E-commerce website like Amazon who
announced buyers those have done shopping from the Great Indian Festival Sale between 1 October to 5 October under which a lucky winner will get the chance to buy 2 bathroom-kitchen- hall apartment free in Diwali.

The real estate market has determined some fundamentals like pricing, good location, quality, and developer past experience. If fundamental of reality market are good then, freebies and offers will work.

These offers will definitely lure buyers which are provided and backed by strong fundamentals. Nowadays buyers are becoming more diligence and selective when it comes to buying residential and commercial properties. We can easily see improvement in sales in 2 quarter of this year.

Though any cut in the interest rate enhances the eligibility of buyers for buying a property at their own preference. Furthermore, the prices may have stable over the last 2 years while there has been an increase in salaries of buyers.

It can be easily concluded that buying property in this festive season is an excellent decision as it is providing numerous deals and offers which will be one of the golden chance that one should not miss it.


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