Property in Bhiwadi

Bhiwadi is situated in Alwar District of Rajasthan and is emerging as an industrial destination in NCR region. It is located just 40 kilometers from Gurgaon and is witnessing a shift from its erstwhile image as a mere industrial area to the destination which has full-fledged realty viability. Bhiwadi is a part of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (BMIC) which is now considered to be an investment zone.

It is still primary and majorly is driven by the industrial sector. The city encompasses the manufacturing centers of Sare Khurd, Chopanki and Khushkhera. There is a massive amount of added industrial development activity which is practically planned by the Rajasthan State Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO).

Favorably, it is situated along the Haryana and Rajasthan Border. The connectivity has been improving in Bhiwadi to cities such as Gurgaon and Delhi which has favorably reflected on the real estate market. Due to comparatively cost-effective land rates, the growing residential housing demands excellent and outstanding connectivity managed to pay by Delhi-Jaipur National Highway or the National Highway 8. Also, there has been a spurt in the recent residential projects that caters majorly to the people who employed to the industrial belt along with for the people those are looking for preferably rate properties across the established centers of Delhi and Gurgaon.


As a result to this, Bhiwadi has grabbed the attention of numerous developers majorly offering reasonable residential projects with only scattering the luxurious projects. The average size for the flats in Bhiwadi is around Rs 2400-3500 per square feet and the annual appreciation is over 5-10% which basically consists with overall market dynamics of National Capital Region.

To one side, a rapid housing development in Bhiwadi is also witnessing the growth in the office and retail spaces. To the other, the office cum mall complexes is coming up in the developments on retail realty front in the region.

The realization of the potential of the corridor, the government is currently working towards the improvement of the civic and social infrastructure. The infrastructure of the city is rapidly improving with various projects on the anvil. Also, the proposed Bullet train, as well as the metro connectivity, will enhance the real estate investments further in an attractive quotient. As a result to this, Bhiwadi will pretty form on the radar of the property investors.


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