M3M Urbana Premium


An inspiration from sharp angles and clean lines with the guiding principle of seamless design as well as great connectivity, Urbana Premium by M3M has Distinctiveness and equanimity as its major elements and the leading foundation of the project. It is a melting pot of crowd that is pulling the international names, large business houses, aspirational brands and swank dining and entertainment hubs. The architecture and planning of eloquent construction create efficient harmony between open retail destinations and private office spaces.


The next phase of M3M Urbana, the object of the project is to create an ultra-premium pedestal for global conglomerates and international brands to flourish together. The seamlessness of the project coupled with the distinctive edge provides a unique appearance that infuses every brand and business under its canopy. It has richly landscaped promenade with some exotic water bodies and sit-outs, dedicated retail drop-off and entrance areas, glass façade for sprawling view from the premium offices, high-street retail and distinctive front façade and multiple access with elevators, escalators, and staircases.


The hypermarket at Urbana Premium offers all the multinational bigwigs displaying under one roof with a huge footfall. It includes functional areas like trade area, entrance areas, etc. The hypermarket is constructed in a manner that it accommodates multitude customers with the provision of parking large number of cars in the building’s territory. One gets to enjoy culinary art as well as hospitality for fine dining that has heavy food concoctions, luxurious serving style, and divine flavors. Here one experiences the royal bounty of some special cuisines that blends original flavors, freshest ingredients, and right etiquettes.  


Anchor stores have its unique design, architecture and strategic location that allow the retail giants to display their splendor as well as world-class offerings. The2nd and 3rd floor have spectacular multiplex for entertainment. The architecture of the place sets a global benchmark as well as is a standalone marvel for visitors and movie buffs. M3M Urbana Premium also offers office spaces from 3rd to 12th floors which come with top-notch specifications.

M3M is a reputed and renowned group in the real estate market. The group believes in delivering high-end living with impeccable standards of ethics, professionalism, service, quality, and taste in each and everything that it does. M3M uses its energy, skills and creative spirit to bring out novelty into the real estate as well as other social assets.


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